9 Secret Power Shopping Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of (But Need)

1. Know Your Look (And Your Brand)

Okay, so the most important piece of advice about how to power shop is definitely to know your look. It’s super key to know your body, too, but even more so to know your look. Even if you’re someone who likes to play with different silhouettes and who doesn’t want to be tied to a single style, everybody has a look. Just think of it as a set of things you would definitely wear and things you wouldn’t be caught dead in. Like the things distant relatives get you for your birthday and you’re like, lol nice try. Once you figure that out, you’ll be on your way to looking freaking fabulous — and saving money, too.

2. Keep An Inspiration Board

Fashion makes us feel alive. You’ll be riding the subway and see a new haircut or style you’ve never thought of, or you’ll see a look somewhere and want to try it. In this case it’s a great idea to keep an Instagram board of all your favorite looks, colors, patterns, hair colors and the like. I keep a folder on my computer labeled “Hair” and every time I see a style I like I just file it away.

3. Never, Ever Buy Something Just Because “It’s Cute.” It’s More Important For Things To Fit Your “Style Personality”

Go to your closet right now and look at all the things you bought at some point in your life “because it was cute.” Now ask yourself how many times you have worn that thing in the last two months. Or the last six months. I have a ton many things I am sooooooo over in my closet. We’ve all been there. But like, this is what happens when you buy something “because it’s cute.” It’s the fastest way to waste money. Any time you add a new piece to your wardrobe it should compliment, enrich, and expand on the stuff that’s already there.

4. Shop Online For Inspiration, Not For Clothes

Any place you shop online has models who are styled by professionals to reflect all the current trends. That’s why my favorite thing to do when I shop online is to look at the way the models are styled and try to re-create those looks using pieces from my wardrobe, or pieces that I might find for less in a less expensive store.


When you buy vintage you are like 3,000% more authentic than if you paid a shit ton for the rip off of a vintage piece at a name brand store. Plus, getting something second hand or from the thrift store is always a great way of adding a little punch to your look.

6. Shop At A Bunch Of Stores Before You Commit

It’s easy to go shopping and buy every.single.thing you see in every.single.store. But this is such a bad idea! Impulse shopping is never key, and what if you find the same thing cheaper someplace else? Anyway, when you are out shopping, online or in real life, keep a mental note of all the things you saw that you totally fell in love with. When the shopping trip is over, only buy the things you can’t stop thinking about. This way you’ll love your purchases, and you’ll go easy on your bank account, too.

7. Save The Big Money For “Statement Pieces”

The world’s best kept secret is that jeans at Forever 21 are like $7 a pop, which means you’re an idiot if you’re paying $80-600 for jeans. I laugh hysterically at every single girl I see wearing expensive jeans. They’re going to rip, the cheap ones just as well as the expensive ones. That’s why my one golden rule for shopping is that you save the big bucks for the statement pieces. A leather jacket, a purse, anything that will be the “crown jewel” to your outfit, the thing you will love to put on and wear until you can’t wear it anymore.

8. Never Spend More Than 30 Seconds In A Single Store

If you’re shopping based on your brand and your look, and if you’re not throwing away your money on stupid stuff just because “it’s cute,” there’s no reason you should be in any store for longer than 1 minute. Whenever I go shopping I give every store a “30 second” test. If I walk in a store and don’t see several things I love within 30 seconds, I’m out. I’ve developed this technique where I walk in a store and scan the whole room, look at the racks, the shelves, and the mannequins themselves. I look for my favorite colors, patterns, textures and focus on those sections. But here’s the key: if nothing catches my eyes within 30 seconds, I’m out. Shopping is kind of like going on a date: you know within 30 seconds of meeting the person that they will annoy you/whether you want the date to continue. Going clothes shopping is no different.

9. And Never, EVER Buy Designer Labels At The Full Price

Believe me, I’ve been there. O.M.G. this new Givenchy/Alexander Wang/Chanel dress is so amazing right now. The thing is, it’s going to go on sale in three months. True, not all the good stuff goes on sale, and sometimes it’s like not even really discounted that much. But take it from me, girls, fashion is a cycle. A hot item will cost an arm and a leg right now, but in just a few months stores are going to be begging you to take that exact item off their hands. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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