10 Things You Do To Hide Your Anxiety

When you’re constantly anxious, you find yourself learning certain ways to help relieve it. These things become your saving grace at times. All they are is a secret. A way to find release from your anxiety that can be crippling. These things become normal to you, but to others they could be seen as weird. It takes time and a lot of work to learn what makes your anxiety quiet. Eventually, you’ll get it.
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

1. You rarely have eye contact with others. If you do, it’s for a second and then you’re done. You find eye contact intimidating. In serious situations, it’s possible, but in casual situations, you find yourself feeling inadequate to hold a conversation sometimes.

2. You pick the seat at the end of the table. The idea of having to squeeze in between two others, even family, is scary. You need your space. You need to breathe. You always pick the end seat. That way you can escape to the bathroom when you need a break from the hard life of being social.

3. You always have your phone fully charged. In those uncomfortable social situations, you find your phone can be an escape. Whether it’s social media or a new game, in those awkward situations, your phone is your friend.

4. You set your text tones for special people. That way, if there’s someone you don’t want to talk to, you can ignore it until later. And, then you know when someone who understands you texts, and you can reply immediately.

5. You keep a pen with you at all times. You’re an overthinker. Just because it contributes to your anxiety, doesn’t mean it hinders your artistic side of the written word. Introspection can be your friend, if you use it wisely.

6. You taught yourself to hold your hands, rather than twiddle your thumbs. When people see constant movements, they can see anxiety, but when you teach yourself still movements that make you feel in control, yet still, they cannot tell.

7. You drink water a lot when out to dinner. One, because your thirsty. Two, because bathroom breaks mean a little alone time.

8. You learn the art of deep breathing. During an anxiety attack in public, deep breathing is necessary. When you get really good at it, some can’t even tell.

9. You find yourself offering to play with children. One, because they don’t understand anxiety, and won’t realize when it comes, and two, because they are less stressful than the adults surrounding you.

10. Your ipod is your security blanket. During anxiety attacks, your earpods are like angels. The sound can never go too loud. It calms you. And people never realize it’s anxiety… they just think you love music. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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