When I Met You, I Found Me

Daniel Frank

To my now soulmate, thank you.

Thank you for waiting all these years to finally receive what you have always wanted. Thank you for patiently waiting on something you thought you may never get, but for still trusting fate and time enough to bring us together. Thank you for dealing with the darkness that had left me bitter and cold in the very beginning. Thank you for teaching me what it is like to feel love like I have never felt before.

Thank you for wiping my eyes, filled with tears, when I had questioned my self worth when previous relationships only showed me that I was a failure. Thank you for encouraging me everyday to reach my full potential, even when I feel like giving up.

Thank you for holding me until all my broken pieces inside came back together. Even though it has only been a short time, I am forever grateful for what you have showed me and what you have taught me. I can honestly say that I do love you, with every waking ounce of my soul and beat of my heart.

I have a lot to give, and I hope you are the one I can give my all to.

To my now soulmate, I will not react to things like I would have in previous moments, not because I want to change myself, but because I want to change myself for the better because of you. To my now soulmate, I hope that I am what you want, forever. Because I want you, forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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