This Is Why I’m Doing Better Without You

Thomas Griesbeck

On a cold December night, you decided to end the love I thought was enough. Out of the blue.

Here I was – faced with heartache, blame, and torture. Endless hours of crying and no sleep. Thoughts of what I could have done differently for you to stay.

Realizing that this was the end of us, the end of what I thought was forever cut short into a matter of seconds – I hated myself for it, because I thought I did everything in my power to keep you, to love you how you deserved to be loved. But it wasn’t enough.

Now, looking back I am thankful you ended it. It brought me peace of mind knowing that now I can love myself and treat myself the way I deserve to be loved and treated. I can find someone that will love me for who I am, and will want the same dreams and aspirations as I do.

A part of me hopes you regret the choice you have made, that you think of me everyday, wondering what I am doing or who I am with.

But I want you to know I am doing just fine, and I have found something that I had lost when I was with you – myself.

It does not matter how long you have been with someone, or how whole they may make you feel. How much they may tell you they “love you” and don’t have the actions to back it up.  Never lose respect for yourself, never give up your “needs” or “wants” for something that may be temporary. Because if you learn to love yourself, and figure out what you want, the right “forever” will come your way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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