I Gave You The Best Of Me

Averie Woodard

The silence makes you wanna scream, the sound of your name haunts me at night, to build something up, only to watch it fall. From your brown eyes staring into my soul, to your smile that could make me blush. To the way you looked at me from across the room, and it felt like it was just you and I there. To when your hand touched mine, and it was like sparks on fourth of July. We planned a future together with promising ideas that would leave you breathless. Then, we were drowning, with no raft and the tide was too high. I grasped on to what was left of you that you allowed me to have. You stole my life, draining the light from eyes. I’ll never understand why you ended it, but I guess I couldn’t give you what you wanted, even if it was the best of me. I burned all the pictures in the frames, and got rid of everything that reminded me of you… But it couldn’t save me. I tried hating you, I deleted everything of you out of my life, while in the process losing myself. You’re not the same person who wanted me like I had wanted you. But I can’t go on this way, so I am going to let go of everything that we had. I am not going to lie, it hurts in every aspect. But no matter what I do, I will never amount to what you want out of life. I held on too tight, and I will never understand why you let go of the grip I had on you. We quit something that we never even gave a chance, and now here were are with the shadows of the past of the love we had. There is only so much crying I can do; to greive the love I once had from a man that was my world. I now try to search for people like you, when I know I should search for something more different, because maybe the result won’t leave me so empty. I let you get the best of me. But now, it’s time for me to move on. Just know I don’t hate you anymore, I still love you. But, it’s time for me to pick up the pieces and glue my heart back together. I hope you find what you’re looking for, as now the idea of being with you is just a memory. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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