9 Quick Things You Should Practice To Get People To Like You


First, take a deep breath. Take another one. And another one.

1. Smile. It’s oft-said, but it’s said for a reason. People who smile are far more approachable! It’s as simple as that. A simple warm and friendly smile is enough to get people to have a positive attitude towards you.

2. Don’t reveal too much. Hold your cards close. Don’t tell people too much about yourself. People like to be heard and great listeners are often thought of as friendly! Just make sure to engage with the speaker — that way, you’re telling them you’re listening and care about what they have to say.

3. Speak concisely. When you mumble, that shows that you are not confident in what you have to say. A concise speaker is thought to know what they are talking about. Likeable people are able to convey their point quickly and efficiently — they don’t beat around the bush.

4. Practice humility. A complete contrast to pride and narcissism, people who practice humility are thought of as virtuous. Humility makes you wiser and loosens up expectations. You’ll rarely feel self-conscious because you feel comfortable being yourself, which means you’ll appear more confident.

5. Give genuine compliments. It can make someone’s day. It also demonstrates your awareness of people and your appreciation of them!

6. A thoughtful, nice gesture. A small thank you note can completely change someone’s day for the better. It shows that you’re a decent person and you’ll be remembered for that.

7. Don’t fidget – convey patience. People usually group fidgety with annoying, and that’s something you don’t want to convey. Be comfortable with time. You know what people say: “Patience is key, timing is everything.”

8. Check your ego. An inflated sense of ego is usually the catalyst for negative energy. Respectful, honest people are remembered far better than their counterparts. If you want to say on the good side of people, don’t alienate them with your ego.

9. Wear warm colors. This is a “hack” to trick people into liking you. Wearing warm colors like orange, red, or yellow depict you as active and appealing – at least, that’s what Carl Jung believed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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