The Lost Boy In You

The second star to the right shines a light so rare. It shines in the night for you.

If it’s the neverland you need, it will lead you there. Only I won’t be there with you.

You’d remember me as the darling of your night, the highs of your flights. I am the songs you play that calms you tight. But you were the spirit of youth, wild and unsure. Bewildered and quite reckless, I assume.

You and I, we’re different. You swim through the currents while I try to control the tide.

My love, the longer you play, the deeper you are trapped in your own lair.

Pick up your pieces. Boy, your happiness is mine. I have had a difficult time losing you. But if you ever feel lost, I hope you find a woman who will make you feel found.

I can’t hate the night. They have yet to learn to shine on their own light. I say the love was right, just wasn’t for us.

This was it, our skies cut open and bled fragments. I believe we tried. But two different worlds can’t collide. I am not the piece you’re missing. To find yours, we must set the fire. If this isn’t love, baby burn me. Your eyes, they never lie.

I’ll remember you at midnights, If the soul could speak it all, llke your heart it will set sails adrift anywhere in your mind. Lost boy, wake up. Reality is now. Let’s stop wasting time. There’s no escape now.

That second star to the right will still shine in the night for you. Follow that even if I won’t be there with you. I have to learn my way out. Because dear, sooner or later people have to grow up.

I did.

So must you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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