If It Had Not Been For God, I Never Would Have Found You

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Jeremy Wong

As you strum your guitar with your skilled fingers, singing songs of peace and love, I find myself wondering how I was able to survive the past years of my life without you by my side.

It’s the way you close your eyes while you sing and how your forehead forms a tiny wrinkle every time you do, are two of the many reasons why every day, I fall deeper in love with you.

Other than the aforementioned two, it’s you gathering the crowd as one with your music, making people dance on their own rhythms, serving music with its divine purposes — unity and healing. Even for just a few minutes.

It’s you singing along with the live reggae band while holding my hand, and looking straight into my eyes and right through my soul.

It’s you and us and the stars that night. How they shone for a love like ours, or so we believe. The stars who mirrored my love for you, bright and shining, in this world full of darkness and strife.

The same stars, who conspired with the universe to give us that one perfect night where we danced mindlessly along with the others.

The same stars who witnessed how you kissed me in the light of its thousands. The stars, where my love for you goes and come back.

I thank God I didn’t get to know you sooner, that He allowed us to go through our own journeys of love before He finally made our paths cross.

You are the perfect answer to my prayers but more importantly, you are the sole answer to my million questions – questions of why things had to happen, why some things don’t work out no matter how badly we wanted it to, and why the past had to profoundly hurt.

In you, I came to fully realize that each of our broken pieces were gathered by God to create something beautiful out of themselves and despite of. Something beautiful, perhaps a roadmap of series of events, that led you to me and me to you.

Because once upon a time, the twinkle of our stars faded into darkness and had it not been for God and Him alone, our stars would never align. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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