Sweet Girl, Remember That Not Every Lost Love Defines You

Eli DeFaria
Eli DeFaria

Lovely girl, you’re worth it. Wipe your tears away and get over it.

You’ve done everything that you can, prayed to all the gods that you know but not even the gods can make him stay. But know this, some gods, the just ones, they make people pay.

Brave girl, pull yourself together. Trust this good life to give you in time the person who will make everything better. But for now you have to fight these battles, but fighting is not enough. Win them. All your life you’ve been losing, a soul so broken and impaired needs to feel the glory of winning.

You win when you finally realize that there’s nothing wrong with the quality of the love that you’re giving, just the quality of the person you’re giving it to.

You win when you finally accept that all those plans you made for the future together are just erasable writings on the whiteboard. And you win even more when you take it upon yourself to erase them through your shaking hands, no matter how difficult and stubborn they may be, because you know by now that life doesn’t hand you erasers. At least not in this life time.

But you win some, you lose some.

By finally winning, you will lose the man you thought was your world. The man who might have been your world. The same man with the big, playful eyes whose smile used to weaken your knees.

You will lose the man you prayed to God to every night, asking Him to keep him safe as you cannot possibly imagine a life without him. You will lose the man God gave not for you to keep but only to love, and soon forget.

And amidst the winning and the losing, you will find a whole new you. You will discover a new kind of strength surging, gushing through your veins from within.

This strength will help you come out of the water and all of the things that drowned you, especially that love that left you wrongfully and irretrievably breathless.

And you will lose again and again and again until it doesn’t feel like losing anymore but more of living.

And then you win. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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