How To Avoid Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

How? You cannot. You can never avoid being in love with them. Sometime in your longtime friendship, you will get confused. Then one day, you will realize, you have already fallen.

The first reason is that your friends tease you two most of the time being together. They will always make an issue about you two and the things you do together but it will never get into your head because you never thought there was something going on between you two.

Second, you may not notice but you actually prefer being with them over your other close friends. Yes. It’s because you are best friends. But later, you start to do things only couples do in the eyes of your other friends. Though for you, it is only normal and nothing malicious.

Third, you will notice things they do for you. Things that only they do. Things they do only for you. This is where you will start to be confused. You will start to feel this creeping touch slowly entering your system whenever they are around. Whenever they look at you. You will start to notice the lingering stare they do when you laugh at them. And when you notice that and asked them what’s wrong, they will just smile gently and tell you everything is okay. Those dreamy eyes. You will start to always remember those dreamy eyes.

When you’re bothered by this, you’re trapped. You can never undo this. You will just continue to notice everything about them. Then you will start to ask.

Obviously, you start to ask your other close friends. And of course, they will say, “Well, it’s about time. You two should’ve realized that sooner. You love each other.”

“Love each other.”

“Love each other.”

“Love each other.”

It will always echo in your mind. Of course, you deny all of this. You two are best friends for Pete’s sake! How can you fall in love with them? That would be so ridiculous! Of course you know someone will love them, because you know all their good qualities. But you? You never thought you will love them romantically. Yes. You love them, but only as your friend. You were there for them during their lowest times and never abandoned them. You accepted them even after everything that has happened. Of course you love them.

Every day, you’ll get more confused. As you confide to your other close friends, they will just keep telling you it’s all because you love them. That you were jealous at those times they told you stories about how people flirt with them and you were so annoyed about it. That you really care for them the most, even at the worst points of their life.

I tell you, my friend, you will just be running in circles unless you accept you love them. Why deny it anyway?

Because you value your friendship too much? Because you cannot risk that when you accept this reality, you must tell them about it and everything will never be the same again? Because you can never lose them?

That’s it! If you don’t want to lose them, you must accept it now. It’s now or never. They also love you. Well, maybe not in the same way you do. But they love you enough to not leave you because you told them you love them romantically.

There are a lot of possibilities. Anything can happen. But the most important is you still do what is best for you two. Enjoy every single moment. Treasure it. Cherish each other’s company. Because after all, you’re best friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Lauren Rushing

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