Cheers To Everything That You Accomplished In 2016

Edu Lauton
Edu Lauton

Ok we get it – 2016 pretty much sucked.

But on an individual level, I had a pretty good year; and a lot of you did too! Our feeds are so caught up in the negativity of macro-2016, that we sometimes forget to acknowledge the smaller, though incredibly important, triumphs we each had this past year.  Micro-2016, I noticed you – in myself and in others. 

And I think we could all use a little reminder.

Here are 10 teeny shout-outs you so desperately deserve:

To those who picked up their lives and moved xc the country, and the world:

I am so inspired by how you took your life into your own hands. Many of you moved without jobs, apartments, or even friends lined up; you just made a change. And everything beautifully fell into place for all of you. Your making moves reminded me that we’re never stuck in our lives — it only takes courage and action to alter your world. And you did it.

To those who took the next step in their relationships:

To my friends who moved in, to the girl who got engaged, and even the one who got married – holy shit!!! I can’t believe we are old enough to be in such serious relationships. I am in such deep admiration for what you have found with your partners. You are in healthy, supportive, loving situations and it is a damn beautiful thing. Seeing what you all have encourages me to hold out for the real thing.

And to those who ended their relationships:

Equally impressed by the friends who realized their relationships were no longer serving them. Staying in a comfortable situation is easy.

Kudos to you.

To those who continued their education:

I truly don’t know how you all made the time on top of your jobs to study for the GRE, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, lalala. You won scholarships and got into the best schools in the country and abroad. Many of you were scared that you weren’t as bright, qualified or as polished as the others and yet you worked crazy hard and faced that head on. You are so amazing!

To those who saw Hamilton:

Yeah…you guys know 2016 wasn’t all bad.

To those who pursued their actual dreams:

Many of you took the plunge to chase your dreams and even though it’s scary af you are doing – or continuing to do – the thing!! It’s an accomplishment in itself and we should celebrate it. Seeing you perform, start your own business, write, and really make tangible stuff gives me all the feels. I’m so happy that you’re sharing your gifts.

To those who came out:

I’m so glad you can start living authentically – and out in the open – whatever that may mean for you. I feel closer to you since you told us. I’m really excited for you.

To those who got promoted or scored better jobs with a competitor:

You worked hard and it paid off! You asked for what you wanted and leveraged yourself. You got raises. You got offices. You got corporate cards! Ah!

To those who had surgery:

I know that was really scary but I’m so relieved that you’re okay. I’m glad you’ve prioritized your health and will be that much more comfortable and functional.

To those who invested in self-care:

Proud of you for taking care of yourself. It is underrated, and important.

I’m in awe of you all day – don’t forget it! – and can’t wait to see what you do in 2017. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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