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On Learning How To Love Myself At 25

I’m a little sad and a little scared to assume my power as an adult person in this world. So because I am an action-item oriented human, I’m choosing to (at least try to) cancel out the self-doubt with self-love.

Cheers To Everything That You Accomplished In 2016

To those who took the next step in their relationships: I am in such deep admiration for what you have found with your partners. You are in healthy, supportive, loving situations and it is a damn beautiful thing. Seeing what you all have encourages me to hold out for the real thing.

How To Celebrate Thanksgiving In Your 20s

Thanksgiving in your twenties is like realizing you’re Holden Caulfield looking up at the rye cliff from below. You’ve made the plunge into adulthood, and it’s impossible to jump back up to how things were when you were little.

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