Maybe Love Is Taking The Long Road To Reach Me

Twenty20, sab_lee
Twenty20, sab_lee

If love has its own GPS, I would like to know where it is.

I always tell myself that I am just taking the long road towards love, but this morning, I thought, maybe love is taking the long road, too.

Maybe love is not like the sun, which comes out every single day and only stays for a little while. Maybe love is like an eclipse which only appears once a year, decade, or century. We patiently wait for it and even if it takes a long time before its appearance, we believe it’s all going to be worth it, because its beauty is beyond our expectations. But unlike the fleeting eclipse, love stays. It enjoys the transcendental journey of being united. It shows itself for the people to see. Love isn’t afraid of being seen. Love is expressive, so it needs a lot of time to prepare.

Maybe love is every car in the Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue. It loses its patience too, but it can do nothing about it, so it drifts to somnolence where it finds solace, then after some time love wakes up only to see that it’s stuck in the same place. It looks around and realizes that many other ‘loves’ are stuck there with it. Love whispers, “I hope my lovers are waiting. I hope they see that other people are waiting for love like they do.”

Then love gets out of its place and finds out that some loves died on the way, because of over-speeding, overtaking, or killing. Maybe those are the loves of the people who rushed it. Maybe those are the loves of the people who chose another lover, because real love was taking too long. Maybe those are the ‘loves’ of people who aren’t meant for each other. Right now, I hope love doesn’t run out of gasoline.

Maybe love forms like a diamond. It is composed of ordinary elements, like carbon in a diamond. Talking with each other, listening to crazy stories, smiling over each other’s little success, making time for each other, eating together, laughing at each other, hugging, and sitting–those are the carbons of love. And as time passes by, we may not realize it, but we already are creating something bigger out of those little moments. Like a diamond, love takes time. Its composition doesn’t have to be extraordinary. It needs pressure. And pressure, in this case, is the choice we make to love.

Maybe love is taking the long road, too. I’d love to know where it is. After knowing where it is, I’ll leave it to itself, because I believe that love knows its journey and destination. Love knows when to arrive. I just want to make sure that it’s on its way and that it’s safe. I once thought, gloomy is a heart waiting for its love. But now, I can say that the idea of love, arriving on time for the right people, is exhilarating. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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