Will There Be Food?

Herson Rodriguez

Thank you for your invitation
Your party sounds quite good
But one question I must ask you first:
O friend, will there be food?

I see an invite on my calendar
For “Client meeting in the boardroom”
But it neglects to mention one crucial deet:
Coworkers, will there be food?

This jury duty summons I just received
Has me in a sour mood.
But one thing I’m holding out for:
Justice system, will there be food?

To the friends who may send me a text
Asking to help you move
If you see those three dots from my end, I’m typing:
“Sure… will there be food?”

Basically, what I’m trying to say
Without coming off as rude
I’d just really like to know beforehand
Will there be food? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Hassan S. Ali is a humorist, creative technologist, video maker, and creative director.

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