Do This Before You Go Chasing After Your Dreams

Before you embark on the journey towards your dream, before you walk barefoot on this road which will not only cut your feet through, but your heart too, there are some things you should know about where you are going to. You think you know what you want, and you think you know what your dream is, but have you ever thought about how your dream feels?

Your dream is not some destination or some goal you achieve to get to happiness. Because in order to know that happiness, you should know that it is as much about the place you are in right now. You know you’re not where you are supposed to be. Yet where are you supposed to be? You need to know that the details of your dream matter as much the dream itself. And by details, I don’t mean what to do or what to achieve; I mean what to feel.

When you are dreaming, you need to get into the details. You need to know how your dream smells and how it makes you jump up and down like a child when you smell that your mother’s cooking your favorite dish. You need to know how the sweat will feel as it streaks down your face, like when you feel that hot after burn after winning a race, and dehydrated at the same time. You need to see it, envision is as a group of feelings you feel. It’s like when you meet someone that you know will be your friend. It’s that feeling of excitement and not knowing what the future holds that you need to think about. You need to know how your dream reacts to your touch. Does it feel as soft as cuddling with your cat or does it hurt like the books your bully smashed into you? Your dream, your senses, your mind, your soul and your whole being should be aware of the feelings that make you feel like you are in the right place.

You need to really drench yourself into your dream before achieving it. Because once you get there, you’d have forgotten to focus on the little details. And these are the details which will let you know where you are supposed to be. And remember, dreams might change. But what will remain the same are these feelings that’ll let you know that this is where you belong. The oneness of it all. You need to feel it before you struggle to reach there. Because when you get there, you’ll know how to feel.

Feel your dream. And then go chase it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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