How To Love A Narcissist

Unsplash / delfi de la Rua

He will show you,
everything good about him.
He will know,
that your intentions are
only to love him.

Yet he will remain hidden,
afraid to hurt,
pessimistic to everything,
even your blinding optimism.

He will bring you flowers,
but make no mistakes,
they wont be your carnations-
the ones you love,
They’ll be petunias.

He will talk about dreams and hopes,
and you’ll think maybe
his guard is finally down-
but they are just self affirmations, said in front of
a stranger.

His lips will taste like love,
yet his talk will hurt.
His arrogance will remain,
But maybe sometimes his acts will get better.

You’ll think he loves you back,
and let’s be honest,
somedays he will.
But he can’t and won’t ever love anything
quite like he loves himself.

He’ll say your love is weak,
that it’s not enough, it’s bleak
You can’t compare, to how much
his soul loves the shape of his skin.

Fights, they will happen,
every time your opinion,
hurts his “slightly” inflamed
ego and high self interest.

Blame games will have but one winner-
and it takes
no scientist to know,
it’s him- the narcissistic lover.

It’s not love you’re holding onto then,
it’s a drug, a venom,
spewed by his love for himself,
that makes him incapable
of loving you to his full extent. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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