This Is What Happens When You Fall For A Writer

Unsplash / Eric Didier

Should you fall in love with a writer,
I want you to remember,
She’s going to be broken,
After all, she’s seen too much
of blades, daggers, knifes and scissors.

She’s crossed small rocks and mountains,
and streams and oceans,
and beaches and deserts,
for the one she truly loved,

but after all the sacrifice,
she didn’t get too much,
in fact the only thing she received —
was unsurmountable heartbreak and a favorite poison.

But should you fall in love,
with the broken chaotic mess that she carries —
On the tips of her fingers, cautiously hid by her sleeves,
There are some things you must know:

She will probably never love you back.
Probably, you have never been loved the way she can love you back,
But she is afraid, too afraid of love-
If she falls, she’s gonna risk it all.

Give her some time, let her know,
that with you it’ll be alright.
Don’t make promises you can’t keep,
Make sure she knows your talk isn’t cheap.

If you show her how much she means to you,
She will make you mean something too.
She will always have you in the back of her mind,
She will hate writing poetry about broken times.

She will sometimes write a work,
That’ll break your heart to read —
But smile, forget about her ex. Kiss her and tell her,
That you love her more with every single piece.

And if she does fall in love with you,
You’re gonna have to remember,
You’ll be forever immortalized
in stanzas and paragraphs.

She will spill all your secrets,
The way your naked body looks in the moonlight,
But you need to know that those essays,
They’ll never be shown in daylight.

It doesn’t matter if you are a writer as well,
write her letters — that’s what she expects.
After all, she needs written proof sometimes,
And your attempts at letters are definitive happiness.

Should you fall in love with a writer,
I want you to remember,
She’s going to be a broken mess,
but the one thing she knows is how to express.

Give her time, give her space,
Soon you’ll see,
That to her you have been
The most beautiful poetry. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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