15 Reasons To Celebrate Presidents’ Day

Flickr / John Carrel
Flickr / John Carrel

On the eve of Presidents’ Day, I went in search of a few reasons to celebrate the holiday. Looking into it, you find that the holiday goes by many names and tries to pack a ton into a single day. The holiday, like any other, is a reason to see the best in something and remember great leaders of the past and present.

Call it a glass half full approach to history, but Presidents’ Day is a holiday and holidays typically take a positive approach.

Here are 15 things to consider on Presidents’ Day.

1. Remember where we came from.

2. The job of a leader is often thankless, but necessary.

3. George Washington always strived to be truthful, especially when it came to that cherry tree.

4. The presidency is the highest office in public service.

5. It’s not easy to serve the public.

6. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln led the United States during some of the most trying times in American history.

7. All presidents make sacrifices.

8. The job of a president is dynamic and ever changing.

9. We should constantly be learning from and critiquing our actions.

10. Leading a country requires considering the welfare of a diverse community.

11. George Washington was the first, but he set the precedent that a country should change its leadership.

12. All presidents have made critical decisions that have led us to our current place in history.

13. The intentions of a leader are often just as important as the actions of a leader.

14. Reflection on history and the meaning of public service is vital to the future.

15. Whether they want to or not, presidents take the road less traveled. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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