3 Ways I’ve Dealt With My Anxiety

Anxiety can be an isolating phenomenon. It can make you feel as though you have no control over your life. In my case, it has taken the fun out of activities that I love doing. Something I came to understand is that there’s no way to completely rid yourself of anxiety though. It is part of who you are and it’s an aspect of yourself that you simply need to learn more about.

I’m fortunate enough to say that the worst of my anxiety and panicking is behind me. Through years of self-reflection and active participation in my quest to deal with it, I’ve taken back the control that anxiety once had on my life. The process is still ongoing though. Dealing with your troubles, no matter what they might be, is a never-ending activity. But, what matters most is that you are an active participant in your anxiety and your life. Stay positive and constantly try to learn more about who you are.

Here are a few methods I’ve employed over the years.


This method is by far the most important. You cannot begin to conquer your troubles if you don’t first think about what is causing them and why they are affecting you in that way. I’d recommend talking to a professional if you have anxiety that is keeping you from doing what you love and feeling good about yourself. Open up to others about it and then reflect on everything you are discussing and feeling. I’ve found it helpful to even incorporate some meditation in my daily routine or at the very least take some time to yourself to sit quietly with your thoughts and put everything into perspective.


Ignore any stigmas that may be associated with being on medication. Some people need medication to even begin to deal with their anxiety. It might be the thing that gets you focused and able to move in the right direction. Medication works around the clock and as long as you are addressing your anxiety in other ways, it will help get you to your end goal. Remember that it is just one of the many ways you are dealing with your troubles. Don’t rely on medication for everything. It is not a cure all by any means, but don’t be afraid to see it as a tool to help ground you and your thoughts.

Behavioral Habits

Your behaviors and habits are crucial. Adopting certain behaviors will depend entirely on what type of anxiety you are dealing with. I personally have had struggles with Trichotillomania. It is an impulse control disorder that drives me to pull my hair. Because of this, I began distracting my hands in simple and easy ways. For example, I would wear bracelets or even hair ties on my wrists to mess with if I had the urge to pluck my hair. Finding habits that don’t further your anxiety and especially ones that can positively impact your future are key. For example, start running, exercising, meditating, whatever it takes. Replace older habits that haven’t helped your anxiety with ones that will help you overall in the future. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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