10 Reasons To Enter the Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge

There is nothing to lose except the chance to cheer on some college hoops… and a billion dollars.
Ignore the nonsense about not entering the billion dollar challenge. You will not be hurt in anyway by participating. Yes, your email may now be in some Quicken Loans database somewhere, but you can opt out of talking to them about buying a house (plus you know you use your email for everything else online, oh and there’s no excuse if you’re making a bracket on Yahoo with your Yahoo account that you already have tied to your email… enough said).
Although the chances of anyone winning are almost mathematically impossible, you will be upset when your bracket goes perfect in your friendly office pool but not in the challenge just because you didn’t sign up.

1. You don’t need to know anything about college basketball (as is always the case for March Madness).

2. Basketball will blanket TV screens for the next few weeks so you may as well have some semblance of an interest.

3. You can rub it in your girlfriend or boyfriend’s face when you win a billion dollars after never having seen a game of basketball in your life.

4. No one is going to win the billion, but 20 people will win $100,000.

5. If you need a rush of adrenaline, you will feel invincible when you pick the first round winners perfectly. You will be a god amongst men for a whole few hours.

6. If you need a reality check, you will get this when your first round picks lose immediately in the second round and you no longer have a chance for the billion.

7. Only the first 15 million people get in, so hurry up.

8. Warren Buffett is a down-to-earth guy who seems to do plenty of good in the world and he’s helping sponsor the challenge. He actually went to the CEO of Quicken Loans with the idea himself – pretty cool move.

9. There’s no chance your school that snuck into the tournament with a conference win is going all the way. If you’re rooting for your school to win, you may as well be rooting for the elusive perfect bracket so fill it out.

10. The lame saying that goes for the lottery goes for this challenge too – you’ve got to play to win. So, why not play? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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featured image – ESPN / NCAA 2014 Bracket

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