Lewisberry’s Red Land Little League Team Are Still Our Champions

If you missed it, the Little League World Series happened these two past weeks, where little leaguers from all over the world arrived at Williamsport, Pennsylvania to show off their skills and lift the winner’s trophy.

One team outshone the rest, perhaps boosted by their home-field advantage, but it was these exceptional cast of players from Lewisberry, Pennsylvania that gripped America’s heartstrings.

All of Pennsylvania seemed to cheer when these young boys stepped on home plate, slugging out run after run, home run after home run, quickly ascending to the US Champion spot. Although they ended up losing 18-11 in the World Series final against Japan, they are still our hometown heroes.

Over 120,000 spectators came out to watch the Red Land team play over the weekend, even getting support from the Philadelphia Phillies!

There was so much pride and support shown throughout the tournament.

A whole lot of talent, to boot. Cole Wagner!

Or Braden Kolmansberger!

Or Dylan Rodenhaber!


You can’t forget Zack Sooy’s diving catch…

(If you want the roster, here it is.)

And talk about sportsmanship.


Be proud, Red Land! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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