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The Real Reason Behind Those Annoying ‘Baby On Board’ Signs

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Flickr / Rusty Clark - Back In One Piece
Flickr / Rusty Clark – Back In One Piece

I’m sure you’ve seen this before. Those “Baby On Board” yellow signs.

There’s a real important reason why they’re there, and it’s not to advertise that they’re driving a baby around to gain your sympathies. It’s actually signalling some important information to first-aid responders in case of an emergency. Check this Facebook post out:

Source: Imgur

If you can’t read that, here is the text version:

In case you don’t know the true purpose of these signs… No you’re not supposed to “drive slower” around these people, no you’re not supposed to worship them or tread lightly around them before they have a baby… Baby on Board signs alert first responders that there is a person in the vehicle that is incapable of unbuckling themselves in the event of an accident. Do the EMTs need to look for a body that was possible expelled from the vehicle? Etc, etc. These signs aren’t just “annoying”…well, if you don’t know the purpose, I suppose the could be… Just want to spread the word, not many people know this! (I didn’t until I got pregnant and head from a first responder myself). Feel free to share!

And now you know. TC mark

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