A Roundup Of Shia LaBeouf’s Motivational Speech From Around The Internet

I don’t know if you guys have seen Shia LaBeouf’s Motivational Speech yet. If you haven’t you really need to check it out now.

It is possibly the most inspiring video I’ve watched in all my years as an Internet surfer. It’s intense, it’s dramatic, there’s some screaming, some repetition of words, and best of all, he does some weird things while he does like a half-assed squat. Totally random. Totally hilarious. Totally inspiring.

Here’s the original video:

Here’s one where he’s at a TED Talk:

Here’s one where he’s sponsoring Nike:

Here’s one where he’s going to the dark side:

Here’s one where he did a collab inspo video:

Or this one where he’s in space?

How about this super patriotic one?

And here’s an auto-tune version:



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