21 Photos Of The Incredibly Delicious Canadian Comfort Food That We All Know As Poutine

1. Look at this poutine.

2. No wait, look at this one.

3. …seafood poutine..? 😍

4. Oh god, look at this beautiful box of bacon poutine…

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5. Are you in love? I’m in love.

6. I’m so hungry now! 😩

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7. There’s a poutine benedict…

8. Chicken fingers and poutine?!

9. What a way to spend the weekend!

10. Poutine-flavored Ruffles!

11. Pulled pork and poutine!

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12. P-p-pizza and p-p-poutine?!?

13. Steak and poutine? LET ME DATE YOU!

14. Is your stomach growling yet?

15. I’m moving to Canada.

16. Okay, I’m probably not going to, but the intention is there.

17. OMG YES! 💯

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18. Is there a way to send quick-frozen poutine anywhere?

19. This is a gourmet poutine.

20. And I need it in my life.

21. I’m not sorry. TC mark


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