18 Insanely Dramatic Photos Of The McRib That’ll Have You Tearing Your Hair Out

1. Hello my dearie.

2. You’ve come back to me.

3. I’ve missed you.

4. Your sweet, savoriness.

5. That rubbery texture when I bite into you.

6. Cafeteria meat? Yes please.

7. But I mean it in the best way possible.

8. Why aren’t you around more often?

9. You can’t keep doing this to us.

10. Don’t you know you mean a lot to us?

11. You’re our childhood…

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12. …in a bun…

13. …and that unforgettable rib-shaped processed meat.

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14. I hope I didn’t offend you.

15. I’m just really frustrated.

16. You know why.

17. Don’t leave us again.

18. Like seriously. TC mark

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