14 Photos Of The Delicious Japanese Dish Called Omurice

My wife is Japanese. She makes these occasionally with diced ham, diced peppers, and a hearty dash of good old American ketchup. I never really understood what the hype was about omurice, but after eating one, I fell in love with it. Omurice is “omelette rice” — it’s basically fried rice (mixed with vegetables, protein, and ketchup), where it’s covered by an omelette. There’s an art to it — because a proper omurice tucks the egg under the rice. Anyway, here’s some photos for your soul. TC mark

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#mangiarefuori #pranzo #lunch #omurice #キッチンブルドッグ #お昼ごはん #ランチ #オムライス #大井町 #史上最強のインスタグラム展 に行きがてら大井町で途中下車して、念願のブルドッグでオムライス❗️ 想像の7倍くらい、美味しかった😍。想像の2倍くらい大きかった😵。 卵の表面はしっかり火が通っているのに、内側はねっとりとチキンライスに絡んでいます。 2015/6/20

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