7 Photos That Explain Why Cookie Monster Is The 21st Century Philosopher

Cookie Monster, with such poise and dignified grace, has entertained us, both young and old, for almost 50 years.

Since its humble beginnings, Cookie Monster has dropped some Category-5, spectacular phrases, ranging from ‘COOKIES’ to ‘COOOKIEES’ and ‘Me want cookies.’

But between those simplistic, minimalist phrases, there have been snippets of truly modern-day philosophical thought brought forth from Cookie Monster’s cookie-addled mind.

When Cookie Monster speaks, he commands the room β€” you can see a Sphinx pausing to let Cookie Monster speak. (Note that almost everything Cookie Monster says has to do with food. Bless the creature for always getting to the point.)

Source: Imgur

And when he ponders, he ponders the fiercest of ponderances, the most difficult thoughts to think.

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His utterances are simply transformative.

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Cookie Monster is the leader of thought.

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A modern-day thinker.

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Cookie Monster is life.

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Cookie Monster is love. TC mark

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