You Won’t Believe This Video: A Dentist Removes 15 Maggots From A 10-Year-Old Girl’s Gums.

In what can be described as Jesus Fucking Christ Almighty, this 10-year-old girl named Ana Cardoso was taken to a dentist in Brazil after she complained of things “moving around” in her gums.


“She had been saying for a few days that she felt something moving around in her mouth and at first I thought she was joking,” her mother said. “I couldn’t see anything and she didn’t seem to be in pain.”

According to the mother, Ana still complained of pain and discomfort even after brushing her teeth.

“I know my daughter and she is not one to make up stories or lie so eventually I took her to see a dentist,” the mother said.

The dentist diagnosed Ana with oral myiasis; that is, fly larvae living under her tissue.

Due to the peculiarity of this surgery, the dentist decided to film it for record and as a warning to others.

The video is below. If you are of weak stomach, we suggest that you do not watch it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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