It’s Okay To Let Go—It Means You’re Ready For Something Better

Heartbreak is never easy. It is torturous and painful and pushes us to our limits. So, after giving myself time to process, grieve and grow, I want to say thank you.

Thank you for walking away. It taught me not to run.

Thank you for being weak. It made me strong.

Thank you for being a coward. It made me brave.

Thank you for slamming the door so several more could open.

Thank you for being a lesson so I knew I deserved better.

Thank you for the good times so I had positive things to look back on.

Thank you for letting me go so I could grow and realize my worth.

Thank you for the red flags so I could catch them in the future.

Thank you for lying. It will always keep me honest.

Thank you for being an experience that will always stay in the past.

Thank you for leaving so I could make space for healthier surroundings.

Thank you for hurting me. Now I am tough.

Thank you for not loving me, because you taught me to love myself.

I have learned the art of gratitude even when it is hard to see the good in an awful situation. But the energy we spend on regret, hate, and sorrow only takes away from the energy we can put towards self-love, appreciation, and confidence.

It is okay to look back and cherish the good times, and it’s okay to look back and learn from the hard times. Just don’t hold onto the negativity and grudges, because your energy is better spent elsewhere.

Learn to be grateful for the experiences that have made you who you are. You are as strong as what life throws at you, so learn to be thankful for what walks into your life when you least expect it and what walks out of your life when it no longer serves a healthy purpose. It is the growth that comes out of it that is the real gift. It’s okay to let go—it means you are ready for something better.

Wake up every morning, look in the mirror, and repeat:






Keep believing in you. I know I do.

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