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When You Feel Like You’ll Never Find Your Sisterhood

I’ve tried being friends with women, I honestly have. The usual idea of ‘men being less drama’ doesn’t quite apply to me, because all the men I know are as, if not more, complex creatures than the women I know. I simply find myself unable to create a comfort level with other women.

This Is What You Need To Know About Dating A Successful Woman

You’re struck by her aura. It’s one of competence and capability. She might be a mess, but she’s a very precise sort of chaos. She knows what’s going on, and she’s not afraid of getting what she wants. She has an air of ability that stems from being able to simply understand the world around her.

Me & My Fat

Each inch of my flabby stomach skin makes me happy, because it’s a testimony to the fact that some day I’ll be capable of holding life in me.