Why It’s Better To Choose Reason Over Passion

Ana Gabriel

Don’t choose passion. There I said it.
After all, why would you choose passion over reason if the world says that everything happens for a reason? If you believe that everything happens for a reason then why would you choose to be passionate about something?

Okay don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that being passionate is wrong, it’s not. But if we truly want to do something, you need to seek for a reason. Reason is like a necessity. We all live for a reason. You live for your parents, or for your dreams, career, and so on.

Passion runs out and you can’t have it every day. It’s like a gasoline that you need to go somewhere. But reason is something that is always there like a water. A necessity to live the life you want. A basic need to fuel your artistry and creativity.

If you really want to accomplish something that is very close to you heart, always choose reason over passion.

We cannot be passionate about something or someone we love if you are only passionate at a certain period of time and not every day. When you love something or someone, you do it every day and every day you’re always full tank of fuel. Because that something or someone is your reason to live and do poetic justice.

If you are pursuing in in writing your first novel or improving your skill in painting, sculpting, and other creative or scientific pursuits, always choose to be reasonable.

Ask yourself why you do it. What’s the point of doing it? Seek a single reason to do it with justice and love.

Because not only passion is a debilitating idea but also something that makes you procrastinate in your ideal vision and mission. You wait for passion and it will never come or sometimes it is too late. Choose reason because it is always there. It won’t go anywhere whilst passion dries out.

With reason, you push yourself to know more, seek more, and produce more fruit and output from your pursuits.

Reason becomes your oxygen — a free basic need in creating something.

Because if you want to do something, it should be free. Free from paying a large amount of money and it should also not be drying out when drought season comes. Because if you love something or someone, even in times of drought your river should not run dry for it is an ancient, it lives for eternity. It will survive any season, be it winter, summer, or fall but only spring more creative ideas.

If you seek reason instead of being passionate you are supposed to be a bundle of energy; a thousand fireworks in New Year’s Eve and an Aurora that dance with the night.

Find reason in everything you do because it tells you what you need to do. It won’t fail you to harvest your fruits in good condition. Those fruits are the children of your hard work and choosing reason over passion.

Look for reasons because without it, what you are doing at this very moment you’re reading this is a waste of your time and not mine.

Reason is what drives our forefathers in discovering the fire that lights up their night and the fire we use today to cook our food and to warm us during our cold lonely nights. Reason made Nikola Tesla famous on his discovery that electricity is present in every corners of the Earth. Reason is the reason why Emma Watson started her OurSharedShelf campaign where she leave books in random public places for people to find. Lady Gaga founded the Born This Way Foundation for a reason and that is to care for homeless youth. Reason is what makes you human. Reason is what makes you here.

The world is full of reason and not enough passion. So instead of creating and seeking passion, wasting your life time being passionate, seek reason why you do the things you love.

After all, passion is not what Jesus Christ died for, He died because of a reason.

That reason was you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I just like to write because I always have a dream of becoming the next big thing.

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