To Anyone Who Has Ever Loved Someone Who Left

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To all the people who loved and got lost, thank you for loving the people you loved beyond what is expected from you. But dear, it is time for you to take a step back and love yourself.

You have given love for free and without any expectation from other people. You have given yourself and let them used you to the point of breaking yourself into bits and pieces so you can love them even at their worst. But it’s about time to mend yourself.

It is time to put those bits and pieces back to make you whole again. You must remember that you are a person. A human being who also needs to be loved in return. A bundle of energy who don’t ask for more but still deserved time from people. You are not a generic item but a special one. You are someone who don’t just get replaced easily. You are someone of value.

To all the people who loved and got lost, you need to get back. The world needs you – your love.

The love of someone who won’t need to break himself just to love someone else. Someone who is a firm believer that the world lives inside him. And someone who will take care of that world so he can take care of another world. We are waiting for you. We are patiently waiting to be love and to love you in return because you deserve it.

Search your pocket that is your heart for your compass pointing due north. Your compass will direct you to find home once again. Your tribe needs you. Your community need you. Your body, mind, and spirit need you. So please, come back.

To all the people who loved and got lost, we have some works to do. Get your pen and paper. Write everything you have learned in loving too much. Get your laptops and teach the people about the path you have taken. The feeling of being lost. Talk to people and share your wounds and scars. Tell them how you have healed yourself. Travel the world as much as you can to heal other people who loved and got lost as well. Listen to their story of loneliness and pain. Feel their heartbeats; the pain in losing in love; the hope of getting back; and the happiness when they found their way back home.

To all the people who loved and got lost, it is all okay. Life happens to us all. What you did was not wrong and very acceptable.

Loving too much is not wrong because regret is our enemy.

Everything will be okay even it seems like the darkest hour of your life. Do not worry now. You are going to be fine. You’ll find your way to our arms. You’ll soon feel our warmth; the taste of our lips; and the infinite possibilities of being loved in return.

To all the people who loved and got lost, thank you. Thank you for choosing love even when they won’t love you the way you deserved it.

Thank you for choosing patience and not letting them go when they need you the most. Thank you for not fighting back when all they can give you was pain. Thank you for not demanding in return when all they can give you was nothing.

To all the people who loved and got lost are you ready to love again and never get lost this time? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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