The Truth Behind Loving More

Have you ever fell in a situation where you love someone more than he or she loves you?

That sucks, right?

It saps your self-respect and self-worth. You crumble every time this thought walks pass by in your mind flaunting the truth. Truth of inviolable cruelty of love. You see, the more we love someone, the more we are willing to do much for them. We give everything we have – our energy, time, and everything else you can offer.

We always think about them. We ask them how their day goes by even when they don’t ask how our day was. They will call you when it’s convenient for them and worse, when they need you to do something for them. Yet, even you knew that they only call you when they need you, you are still ready to leave your work just to occupy their emptiness. At least in that moment, you feel needed. They ask for you and you give yourself away so easily to them without expecting in return. But I know, you are still clinging into that hope that someday they will call you because they want to know how your day was, laugh with you, and want to spend quality time with you. You are still hoping that you can let them know who you truly are.

But the sad fact is that the people whom we love won’t ever love us the way we want them to and the way we deserve it.

You will say ‘I love you’ and you don’t expect them to say that back to you. Most of the time, you say ‘I love you’ and they will say ‘I love you’ for someone else. Inviolable cruelty of love.

Love is not a game but for you, it became one. A game of doing more. A game of loving them. A game that you enjoy you became addicted to it. A game where you are happy and then one day, you just died. You died because you forgot how being love is. You forgot to breathe for yourself because you were busy breathing for someone else.

But hey, it is all okay. It is okay to love more and hurt at the end. It is okay to not be love in return. It is okay to be a soft person. It is okay to just be it and die for love. But you know what, it is never okay to forget and love yourself.

Please love yourself.

I want you to love more but I don’t want you to be stupid for it. Love is illogical but it never has an unwritten rule to not be reasonable.

Thank you for loving more. There are only a few of you left in this world. This is why I am saying to you to love and take care of yourself because the world couldn’t afford to lose someone who is willing to love more without expecting in return. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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