5 Ways To Start New Years On The Right Foot

New Year’s resolutions allow us to make a promise to ourselves in the hope of self improvement, but unfortunately they are known for not lasting long. People often tend to make empty or overly ambitious promises which they can’t keep; how many times have you heard the cliché, “New year, new me”?

Why not start with your own mind?

1. Challenge yourself

Moving out of your comfort zone is hard to do; the hardest thing is to face the fear of the unknown, something which doesn’t happen much when you get stuck in the same old routine. We all set goals for ourselves and dream, life is short so why not strive to achieve more? Don’t let anybody hold you back.

I spent a lot of my teenage year’s trialling new hobbies and pursuing interests – never stop doing this. Don’t be scared of changing jobs or courses if what you’re currently doing isn’t satisfying you, because in the end we all want to be happy – right? It took what felt like forever to find myself, but even now this is subject to change, like everything else. Last summer I worked abroad, this seemed like such a massive challenge, but now that I have done something which scared me, I feel like I can do anything.

2. Be positive

Negativity is like a disease, sometimes bad things happen and you can’t help but feel negative, but unfortunately this sometimes take hold of us and we find ourselves stuck in a rut – don’t let negative experiences define you. Be positive where you can be, so what if something doesn’t go your way, a lot of other things have.

3. Let things go

I am massively guilty of holding on to things that have upset me, I let them drag me down and torture my mind. Whether it’s unnecessarily hanging on to things you don’t need any more or strong negative feelings that you don’t need, holding on isn’t a healthy way to live. Start the New Year by forgiving and forgetting or having a clear out to free up space, and remember, “mind over matter.”

4. Be nicer to your fellow female race

Let’s be honest, women find it hard to be nice to other women, when was the last time you complimented a woman instead of criticising her? We are often catty and bitchy to one another, sometimes unknowingly, evaluate the way you speak to women and make sure you’re giving that female the respect she deserves.

5. Have fun

All in all, life is to be lived. Work or education is a priority for most, but don’t forget to have fun this year, and take the opportunity to do things you’ve wanted to do for a while.
Resolutions are helpful in motivating us, but don’t allow a new year to be the only reason you want to change, if you want to change, implement the changes sooner rather than later rather than putting it off to next week or next month. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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