Let’s Talk About The Things That Matter

Let's Talk About The Things That Matter
Let’s stop talking about money, material goods, and our meaningless possessions. Let’s stop talking about the parties that we went to over the weekend and how completely wasted we all got. Let’s stop self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, food, and television. Let’s stop making small talk about the weather and how wonderful it is that it’s not raining. Let’s stop listening to sad songs alone in our bedrooms and getting lost in our persistent negative narratives. Let’s stop withdrawing when things get scary and pulling away from each other because we don’t want to risk being vulnerable. Let’s stop sabotaging the potential of a better life and healthy relationships. Let’s stop feeling sorry for ourselves, and putting every ounce of our energy into the past that is long gone. Let’s stop hating ourselves and being overly-critical of every mistake we make. Let’s stop feeling as if we aren’t good enough for happiness. Let’s stop this unfulfilling cycle that is ailing all of us. 

I want to talk about truth — my truth, your truth, and the genuine truth of all of our lives. I want to talk about love. Not romantic love, but the love I have for family, friends and this world that continues to shower me with compassion and forgiveness. I want to talk about authenticity and how I long to be present in everything that I do. I want to stretch outside my comfort zone and find what is hiding on the other side. I want to talk about my hopes and dreams and my plans for how I want to change the world. I want to talk about YOUR hopes and dreams and plans for how YOU want to change the world. I want to nurture your soul with love and empathy, and I want the same thing in return. I want to talk about the secrets that I keep tucked away into the deep crevasses of my heart for fear of being misheard or misunderstood. I want to talk about my childhood, and more than anything I want to hear about your childhood. I want to talk about regret and shame and those embarrassing moments that we all vow to never speak of again. I want to talk about trauma. Not just my trauma, but also the trauma that is sewn into the very fibers of our culture that rips into the lives of everyone that lives in it. I want to talk about what makes you tick and I want you to know what makes me tick. I want to know my friends, and not just what their favorite drink is to wash away the sorrows of their day or their favorite color. I want to know what makes them cry when they find themselves in despair and I want to know what causes them to pine for more out of this life. I want to talk about the stars and how we can get there. I want to talk about loss and I want to mourn together. I want to rip away this shallow smokescreen that is keeping all of us from experiencing life. More than anything I am dying to throw all of my cards out on the table and see what happens. 

What if we stopped talking about the things that don’t matter and instead focused on the things that do? What if we woke up every day with the hope to better ourselves and make changes? Maybe we could change the world if we only made a concerted decision to try. How we will ever know if we don’t try? I don’t know about you, but I desperately want to try. I want more than this out of life. TC Mark

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