You Are Allowed To Love Yourself

Self-love angers people. It’s very controversial, can’t you see?

Some people were raised to believe it was forbidden to allow love for yourself. Not without accomplishment. Not until they have an Ivy league degree. Not until they can fit into those size zero jeans. Not until they become the type of person who wakes up everyday at six in the morning to run seven miles. Not until the imaginary voice in their heart says, “It’s okay to love yourself now.”

Do you know what happens when you refuse to allow self-love? You become malnourished, you fed on insecurity instead. You hurt yourself, and others. After all, isn’t that why you stopped eating? Isn’t that why you inhaled love secretly through pipes. Isn’t that why you took shots of warmth and whiskey to soothe your heart?

Why do you refuse to accept there is nothing wrong with you? It’s almost like you want to watch yourself become devoured. Darling, you were made by divine decree. There is nothing in you that needs to be fixed. Stop staring at me with apology! 

You are entitled to love. You are laughter, you are brilliance, you are the light the world has been searching aimlessly just to see. They asked me about you, and I told them you were coming, and I said it with fire, and conviction, and without a single ounce of doubt in me.

I see you, I see you, still skeptical of me. Yet, I know you were carried with trembling hands, when you arrived to this Earth in tears. They know your true power. This is exactly why they teach you fear.

Tell the voice that tells you are not enough, that it is not welcome in your home, or your neighbor’s house, or even your dreams. Tell that voice it is a peasant, unworthy to even look at your soul’s holy throne. Tell that voice you love yourself, more than it’s pathetic tone. Go ahead, tell yourself until you believe it.

Are you afraid of labels? Do you not want them to think you are conceited, self-centered, vain, or ego-entranced?

Listen closely as I dance, and scream, nothing but these words shamelessly: “I love myself, I love myself, I love myself, I love myself, I love myself! Did you hear me? I’ll say it again! I love myself! As many times, as I want! As many times as I need!”

Be annoyed! Be angered! I will fight till the end for your right to disagree, even if who you happen to disagree with is me. I don’t care all the same, I wish to become a spirit who won’t be tamed by your silly, ridiculous games. Take a selfie, run through the sidewalk as they stare at you aghast, mismatch your clothes, and wear two different socks.

You are love, you are whole, and you are free. You are endless love, stop asking for your right to simply be! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – ►►haley

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