The 5 Most Messed Up Documentaries On Netflix

As a documentary junkie, I’ve always found Netflix’s selection to be pretty underwhelming. There are, however, a few of them that are wild from start to finish and will leave you sitting there afterward thinking “what the hell was that”. In my opinion, these 5 documentaries are probably some of the most messed up I’ve seen and are definitely worth a watch.

The Imposter

This is one of those stories that you can’t believe could possibly be true. To sum it up, a 13-year-old kid from Texas went missing and reappeared three years later in the form of a completely different looking, 20-something year old French man. And the family of the missing kid somehow believes that this is their son, despite all evidence proving that he clearly isn’t. There are some major plot twists in this documentary that make this insane story even crazier, and it’s full of ridiculously creepy people that will make your skin crawl. By the end of the movie you will be doing some serious Wikipedia detective work trying to find out how something like this could even occur.

The Woman Who Wasn’t There

As crazy as you may think you are, at least you’re not as nuts as Tania Head. This is another documentary that shows just how far people will go to get attention of any sort. Head is a woman who gains fame for her elaborate and heart wrenching description of her 9/11 experience and forms a support group for survivors. The only problem is that she wasn’t actually in the towers when they were hit. She wasn’t even in the United States. It’s pretty hard to believe that someone would go to such great lengths to gain notoriety, especially for something as horrible as September 11th.

Erasing Hate

This one is about an ex-Neo-Nazi who realizes his swastika tattoos are limiting his job prospects, and undergoes an excruciating procedure to remove tattoos from his face, neck and hands. This documentary is good because it shows just how extreme and terrifying white power groups are while simultaneously giving you a look at tattoo removal, which is surprisingly gruesome.

Best Worst Movie

I’m a huge fan of badly made horror movies. Troll 2 is by far my favourite one, and is considered by many to be the worst movie ever made. The acting, the storyline, the special effects – everything about it is downright bizarre. And after watching it you’ll definitely want some answers. While Best Worse Movie isn’t as messed up as the actual film, it gives a good behind the scenes look at the strangest, most painful movie you will ever see in your life.


This is definitely one of the weirder ones on Netflix. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s basically about an out of control online love triangle that eventually results in murder. Trust me, you’ll have to pause it every once in a while just to give yourself a minute to comprehend what you’re watching. If you don’t watch any of the others, at least watch this one. TC Mark

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