25 Things I Did Last Night Instead Of Studying For An Exam


1. My laundry.

2. Extensively washed my face.

3. Called my grandparents.

4. Called my mother.

5. Made my bed.

6. Cleaned my room.

7. Looked up tomorrow’s weather.

8. Organized my planner.

9. Did about 59 Buzzfeed Quizzes (turns out that if I was a sandwich I would be a BLT).

10. IMDB’ed “House of Cards” and contemplated watching it (Didn’t).

11. Painted my nails.

12. Youtubed trailers from upcoming movies.

13. Looked at old pictures from seventh grade and laughed/cried at my hideous side-bangs.

14. Texted my boyfriend: “Hi, what are you doing?”

15. Ate a banana.

16. Flossed my teeth extensively.

17. Online shopped- but never actually purchased anything.

18. Stalked the crap out of everyone ever to exist on Facebook (exaggeration but somewhat true).

19. Looked at funny cat pictures.

20. Shared said funny cat pictures with all my friends.

21. Pinterested recipes that I know I will never make.

22. Volunteered to pick up my drunk friends at a bar (mistake).

23. Refilled all my pencils with lead (crucial).

24. Opened my book to finally start studying.

25. Wrote a list for Thought Catalog. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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