8 Sad Realizations You Have When You Return Home For Summer After Your Freshman Year Of College

1. You still have to follow Mom and Dad’s rules.

For the first time in months you have to answer the questions “Where are you going?” and “Who is going to be there?” before you are allowed to leave the house, which seems unnecessary and a total breach of privacy given that the last few months of your life have been a whirlwind of last-minute plans that leave you running out of the door in a matter of minutes.

2. You are responsible for household chores, again.

When you came home for breaks during the school year your house was in the cleanest condition that you’d ever seen because your family wanted you to have a relaxing stay away from school. During the summer you are actually expected to resume the usual household chores that you had in high school, which can be annoying after almost nine months of living however you wanted to (which probably means that you didn’t clean very often).

3. You have lots of alone time.

Unlike college, where your friends live right down the hall and are eager to be with you 24/7, coming home means that you will most likely have more time to yourself than you are used to, which can leave you feeling lonely.

4. High school friends change.

As much as you promised all of your high school friends that you would text and FaceTime everyday when you were at school, people’s lives change drastically from high school to college. You’ll realize that some of your high school friends will be your friends for life and that others were fun in high school but aren’t going to be able to maintain mature relationships.

5. You are broke.

Unlike the summer before college when you and your friends could afford spontaneous mall trips and eating at fast food restaurants at least three times a week, the summer after your freshman year leaves you broke and desperate to pick up a part-time job in your hometown so that you can splurge when you get back to school.

6. You are out of shape.

As much as you tried to avoid it, dining hall food is addicting and satisfies late-night cravings like none other. Unfortunately, all of that processed food has taken a toll on your body and you come home from college eager to shed some pounds.

7. You miss your college friends.

As much as you love your high school friends and family, your college friends have seen you at your worst, from breakdowns about finals to throwing up after having too much to drink. Your college friends understand you on a new level and being without them for three months, especially the ones from other states, feels like the end of the world.

8. You are thankful for your family.

Although you might be feeling upset about having to live at home for the summer, your family is genuinely excited to spend time with you. They are your biggest support system and will be the people who help you transition from the fast-paced college life to a more low-key summer at home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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