When You’re Feeling Lost, Remember Who the Hell You Are

With the new year and a new school semester starting, I think we all get overwhelmed with what we want to happen this year. Whether it’s new year’s resolutions or just general goals to achieve. It’s especially daunting coming into the new year a little bit lost with what you’re doing with your life. Overthinking the opportunities and risks you will be taking this year, maybe worried for the change that is inevitable to come to your life. Everyone around you seems to have their shit together.

It hits you like a tidal wave that this is your life and you’re just wasting time. Maybe in your in a job you hate or a major you’re unsure of. The truth is 2020 is year. I don’t care what articles say about how old you’re supposed to be for milestones to happen. Don’t make ridiculous standards for yourself. So maybe you’re not a millionaire yet. This is the year for change. This change will seem scary for you at first, but being too comfortable didn’t make RBG a supreme court justice or the United States to go to the moon.

It might feel like an unclear path for your future right now. All you have to remember is that your life is going to change. There will be sad days and some days you will feel beaten down, but I promise this year will make you jump through hoops you’ve never thought you would jump though.

Also, those people who you think of their shit together. They don’t. None of us do. We are all good at faking it until we make it. People will push you down, help you up and some will ignore you even exist. Don’t let the envious water your fire, don’t keep the fierce fire burning in your soul. Release it to the universe to burn through bridges.

Let your fire light up the universe.

Just a girl with a love for words.

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