10 Everyday Things Only Homebodies Will Understand

Linh Nguyen

1. You find every excuse not to go out.

Whether it be with friends, family, or even just getting out to go to the grocery store. You refuse to get out for any reasons. Which many people assume you’re just lazy but deep down you aren’t you just rather be cuddled up in your bed binge watching Netflix. But hey don’t take it personally.

2. When you do get out you are thinking about when you can go back home.

That time can’t come soon enough either. Whether you are out at parties, or just grabbing a bite to eat with friends your mind slowly starts to wonder how your bed is doing without you sinking into it. Is it okay? Is it thinking about me as much as I’m thinking about it? These questions need answered.

3. Your anxiety immediately spikes when you step outside the house.

Since you spend most of the time in the house you also get extremely nervous when you actually have to step outside. Which causes your anxiety to shoot up drastically and you to clam up and immediately opt for a way back home.

4. You’re an avid online shopper.

The only door you ever answer is to the UPS man because he been there so many times you guys are technically best friends. The fact that you don’t even fear the slight chance of your clothes not fitting at all to avoid going to the actual mall is frightening enough.

5. You bask in every raining day because it means you have a valid reason to stay inside.

The sky turns the slightest of gray and you already declaring not going out today. Rain is a miracle sent by god to help you stay inside and get that much-needed nap in.

6. Your friends and family are not surprise when you cancel plans.

When your friends/family already know that there is about a 10% chance you will say yes into going out with them is when you know you don’t get out as much. Honestly, they stop hassling you and just ask if you want to hang out just to be polite. But just know they never set an actual plate for you.

7. Your book collection is massive.

Not that this is a bad thing. But usually when you are stuck in a house you tend to get into a really good book and go through them just as fast because you have so much free time. But who needs people when you got fictional characters to obsess over.

8. You never get fomo.

You never fear missing out. You are so content in being at home that you never actually wonder what your friends are doing and if they are having tons of fun because you are enjoying yourself and being so productive at the house.

9. When everyone is discussing their weekend plans you pray someone says they are just staying in so you can relate.

Yes, while everyone is going to some really awesome places this weekend you are staying inside with actual air conditioning. However, you hope one of your friends or colleagues have the same plans so you can actually join in on the conversation.

10. Choosing a couch is like life or death.

Well since you are going to be inside all day you have to find a couch in tip top shape in order to deal with those days where all you do is sleep and watch Netflix. Not to even mention your living room is well organized so you have to make very few trips to different rooms. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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