Perks Of Being An Introvert

You’ve acquired great listening skills. As an introvert, you spend more time listening to a conversation rather than contributing to it. Because of this, you know how to listen. You are the best at making people feel heard, and that’s why people are so drawn to you and tend to seek you out for advice.

Your words carry weight. You aren’t the kind to give mindless additions to conversations. When you open up, people listen. That’s because you have given people the impression that you are to be taken seriously, and that’s how people perceive you.

You aren’t pushed aside by the people around you. Even though you keep to yourself more often, you are still a very vital addition to the people around you. Actually, because you are more introverted, people respect your space.

You are a resilient breed. You can handle a lot, and that’s because you’ve been given a lot to handle. It’s hard trying to cope with life on your own. As introverts, we aren’t great at admitting when we need help, but sometimes, that’s what makes us stronger. With every battle that we face, we become more and more resilient.

You are gentle to others, but you know what you want. Introverts aren’t the kind to attract confrontation. This doesn’t mean that we don’t also feel those very extreme emotions of anger and fear, it just means that we don’t show those extremes. On the outside, we are gentle to other people, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t know for sure what we want out of life.

You have built up incredible internal strength. Every struggle that you face, you internalize. You remember exactly how you felt, how you dealt with it, and how you overcame it. This, every time it happened, made you stronger.

You have given yourself the attention that you deserve. By being inside your own head most of the time, you have devoted so much energy into giving yourself the love that you deserve.

You are picky with who you give your heart to. You know yourself best. You are most in tune with what you need. By being an introvert, you are picky with who you open up to and who you trust with your heart, and honestly, that’s your best quality. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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