Accept Her For The Way She Loves You

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Sometimes, she loves loudly. Some days, she isn’t afraid of what awaits her. She stands proudly and proclaims the love for you she’s held so close. Some days, she isn’t scared of saying it out loud because even though saying it makes it real, she’s ready for her new reality. While it may be hard to believe sometimes, there are days that she’s proud of all she’s built with you.

Other times, she’s quiet. She whispers “I love you” in public. She brushes your hand off her shoulder. She’s cold to the touch, and while your heart feels hurt, hers hurts worse. She wants to accept your warmth, she does, but there’s something in her that keeps her love quiet.

She’s still the silly, hopeless romantic you fell in love with. She’s just struggling with who she’s supposed to be.

She needs you to tell her that it’s okay for who to be whoever she needs to be to get through it. She needs to know that you’ll never leave her for the choices she made to protect her heart. She needs you to always forgive her, love her, and remind her that you’ll always be by her side.

She can’t bear the day you leave her. She just can’t, so promise you never will. Promise that, no matter how bad it gets, no matter how far she pushes you away, you’ll always come back.

Because some days her love is quiet, some days it’s loud, but it’s always there.

Her love is always around. She promises to never leave you empty-handed. And while she might struggle with how to say she loves you, she’ll always say it. Because she does. She loves you so much it hurts her every day.

Just assure her that the love she gives you is enough.

One day, she’ll be better. She’ll reach for your hand through a crowd. She’ll let you drape your coat around her shoulders in the cold. She’ll say “I love you” loud enough for you to hear her.

Just give her time.

Give her the time that she needs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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