10 Simple Tips For Combating Your Anxiety During ‘The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year’

1. Know your limits. Know what you can handle, and don’t let anyone push you over that line. Your mental health is worth more than one cookie or one slice of pie.

2. Don’t feel bad if you can’t handle it. Because sometimes, when we’ve put the face on all year, the pressure of having to look blindly happy can be too much.

3. Ask for help. Your support system is there no matter what. Don’t convince yourself that your needs come second to anyone else’s happiness. You deserve that too.

4. Don’t let anyone pressure you. Sure, they might tell you that you can handle just a few more hours out, or one more cookie, or one more social gathering, but no one knows your body better than you. You know when it’s too much.

5. Recognize that you’re not alone. There are thousands upon thousands of people who are struggling with the same things that you are. You are not alone.

6. What you’re feeling right now is only temporary. It will get better. With time and hard work, your seasonally exasperated anxiety will get a little better every year.

7. You are only good as what you tell yourself. Practice having a positive and kind inner voice. Let yourself hear some kindness every day, even if it’s just from yourself.

8. Cling to the things you love most. Find pleasure in the little things. Whether that is a super soft blanket, your favorite old vinyl, or a good book that takes you away for a little while.

9. Start an anxiety journal. Use it to track all your feelings, recap your day, and give yourself encouragement to keep fighting.

10. Be honest with yourself. Give yourself a break. Take the rest of the day if you need it, but always promise yourself that you’ll get up tomorrow and try again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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