If He Loved You, He Never Would Have Left

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I get it. You thought he was everything. You went to bed every night knowing that you’d give anything for him. He was the love that kept you wild, and you couldn’t imagine living tame. He was your very best friend in the world, and even though he painted you with strokes of beautiful yellow, the painful reminders of all the times he hurt you live in blue on you, too.

It’s not like you can ignore all the times he loved you right. I understand that. But I also know that you won’t ever forget all the times he treated you like less than your worth. You are the lion he couldn’t tame, and there is nothing in the world that could ever change what he meant to you, even on those days.

But sometimes you have to recognize your power, and that in it’s finest hour, it’s stronger than any man. That doesn’t make you unworthy. It just means you have to wait to give your heart to someone who can hold it in their hands.

I know it hurt when he left, and it’s okay to admit that. We all become complacent when we have the warmth of someone else, and nothing feels more cold than when they disappear, but sometimes the winter is better. It’s a season of reinvention. It’s a season of rediscovery, and this my dear, this is your time.You will come back from this with a smile, one that he will regret ever letting go.

Because the truth is, love, he wasn’t as big as the hole he left in your heart. Sure, you might have loved him, but you have to know this much: he wouldn’t have left if he loved you back. He would’ve stayed. He would’ve been there through it all. It wouldn’t have ever crossed his mind that there was a better place in the world than in your arms. So don’t let his veil fool you. He never cared as much as he promised.

He wasn’t worth it, but I promise you this: you will find someone who is. Every day is one step closer. Don’t rush it. Something so beautiful takes sweet time. Just hold on for now. I know you can.

Until then, never forget that you deserve someone who turns you into the light of his life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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