These Are Your Least Favorite Things, According To Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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I had personally never heard of the types until my senior year of high school. I’ll never forget it. At a time in your life when you feel so misunderstood and so lonely, I had an amazing English teacher explain to me why I felt that way. I didn’t feel so left out, odd, and ahead of the times because I was a classic high school student; I felt that way because I have the rarest of all the types: INFJ. Because of Ms. Donna Kreiling, I have an answer to every question that burned a hole in me for so many years.

This is who I am. I hope that you find yourself too.

Each Myers-Briggs types least favorite things.

ISTJ: under-performing, letting others down, being nagged, a lack of honor.

ESTJ: being disrespected, whining, having to be emotionally open, new-age silliness

INTJ: ignorance, flippant behavior, feeling stupid, subjectivity.

ENTJ: being wrong, having to handle something with kid gloves, failure, immaturity, crying.

ISFJ: inconsiderate people, having to make tough decisions that affect others, not fitting in, not sharing.

ESFJ: being disliked, putting oneself before others, know-it-alls, selfishness

INFJ: feeling forced, misunderstandings, being surrounded by conflict, when people intentionally lack perspective.

ENFJ: unsolved conflict, being closed off, unfairness, societal marginalization.

ISFP: being told to live a certain way, lack of freedom, meanness, being artistically stifled.

ESFP: boundaries, judgment, not being able to express oneself, plainness.

INFP: feeling invalidated, having to be strictly logical and objective, a lack of imagination, conflict.

ENFP: their ideas being stolen, someone questioning their sincerity, subjective logic, unchallenged beliefs.

ISTP: being told what to do, stupidity, rigid structure, people who won’t get their hands dirty.

ESTP: limits, “stupid people,” authority, having to tone it down.

INTP: a lack of intelligence, emotional perspectives, scientific stagnation, invalidating ideas.

ENTP: rules, hiding their power level, objective morality, being written off for being unorthodox. TC mark

someone who speaks her struggles through words.

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