Dear Strong Woman: Don’t Ever Apologize For These Things

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Dear strong, independent, powerful woman: don’t ever apologize

For being too loud.

You will never be too loud for standing up for yourself and all the women beside you. You aren’t too loud, they just don’t want to hear you.

For being too strong.

They don’t know the depth of your strength, darling. They don’t know that you’ve swam across oceans and walked through valleys to get to where you are, but I know. I know how much you’ve been through, and trust me, you have every reason to be proud.

For being other than what they see you as.

You weren’t made to fit in a box, and you never will be. They try to put you in a box because they don’t know any other way to handle your fire, and that’s not your fault.

For chasing your dreams instead of sacrificing yours for his.

If you’re strong enough to chase them on your own, then he is too. Don’t ever settle for someone who sees your dreams as expendable.

For loving yourself.

No, you’re not cocky. No, you’re not arrogant. No, you’re not selfish. You are worthy of all the love in the world, and the best first place to start is with yourself. No one else knows the struggles you’ve faced to get here. Give yourself all the love you deserve, and don’t you dare apologize for it.

For having to tell yourself sometimes that you’re more than enough.

You should never, ever feel ashamed of your weakest moments. You partner should be there for you through everything, not only your best moments.

For being unsure of yourself.

We all fall off balance sometimes. We need help being steadied, not pushed further. It’s okay to not be confident all the time. Take a breath and realize that you don’t have to be.

You are worthy of all the love in the world, and you shouldn’t have to work for it.


Your strong, independent, powerful friend. TC mark

Hannah Irelan

someone who speaks her struggles through words.

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