25 Signs You Are Already Your Own Superhero

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We all often times look for someone to fill the other half of our heart. We look for someone to save us, but what we don’t realize is that we are our own superheroes every day. We don’t need saving.

1. You know your own limits and respect them.

2. You realize that you are only human, and that sometimes the day is just too much.

3. You know that saying no doesn’t make you a terrible person.

4. You’ve been through hell, but you still smile everyday.

5. You always put your hand out for others.

6. You always forgive, but you never forget.

7. You are cautious with who you give your heart to.

8. You protect the people you love with everything you have, and you’d give up everything to keep them safe.

9. You embrace your emotions, even if they’re a bit erratic at times.

10. You don’t find it weak to express incredible amounts of gratitude.

11. You give out hugs without question.

12. You know how to laugh at yourself.

13. You pursue your dreams, no matter how out of reach society makes them seem to you now.

14. You always chase the truth, and never settle for anything less.

15. You are careful not to hurt another person’s feelings.

16. You know how to say sorry, and you aren’t afraid to say it often.

17. You admit and acknowledge that you make mistakes.

18. You give great advice, even if you’re not so great at taking it yourself.

19. You know that life isn’t fair, but that doesn’t stop you from living it.

20. You give yourself time.

21. You understand that you’re going to have days where you don’t get anything done and can barely get out of bed, and you acknowledge that.

22. You know that the bad days are going to come, but you still get up, dress up, and show up.

23. You never walk out on your life.

24. You always keep your head up and eyes open.

25. You know not to blink or you’ll miss something beautiful.

You are your own superhero.

You are powerful. You are important. You are incredible. TC mark

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