6 Ways You Know You’re Finally Sleeping With The Right Guy


It took me 8 years of sexual activity to find a guy who was in possession of the sacred knowledge that every girl is different and treated me as such. Up until this point I had had enjoyable sexual experiences but whilst the sex was good, it wasn’t great. I also couldn’t shake the feeling that for each guy I really could have been anyone. And I’m not talking about the emotional aspects of relationships. I’m talking about the physical mechanics of sex. So often it was like I was merely one of many girls being subjected to a routine of sexual moves that had been performed over and over with the primary purpose of getting the guy off. That’s not to say these guys were selfish, in fact most of them would put some effort into performing sexual acts that they thought I would really like. However, it never occurred to them that I might not be having quite as much fun as them or to enquire about my preferences and I never had the heart or the confidence to tell them the truth.

But then along came this guy who for the first time made me feel like I was the focus of the encounter and my satisfaction was the most important thing. Now in ideal circumstances, both parties are left feeling satisfied but this guy seemed genuinely interested on what was going on with my body. This interest encouraged me to express and experience my sexuality in a way I had never done before.

If, like me, you’re a young woman who has spent years searching for truly satisfying sexual experiences I recommend spending time with a guy like this.

Below I have listed qualities that this guy should possess:

1. He will be older.

He will have been on this planet for around a decade longer than you if not more. With age comes experience and you want this guy to have been around the block.

2. He will be a traveler.

He doesn’t have to be some international jet setter but the guy who has lived in your home town all his life and has never left the country or even worse, has no interest in leaving the country just isn’t going to cut it. People who travel are curious and excited about the unknown. Their enjoyment of new experiences should translate well in the bedroom. And you know, he’s sampled women of the world and has learnt a few things along the way.

3. He will be more than a one night stand.

Even though neither of you are looking for commitment, he will appreciate that getting to know a person’s body and their likes and dislikes takes more than one night. He won’t shy away from repeat performances.

4. He will take direction well.

This guy is a great communicator; he will listen to your requests for more or less and encourage you to express your desires verbally.

5. He will use his expertise and creativity to introduce you to new things.

Whilst giving you pleasure in ways that you know you like, he will also push your boundaries and help you discover other (possibly unusual) things that your body responds to.

6. He will be an overachiever.

He’s probably very good at what he does in his professional life and this extends to his sex life too. He takes pride in his work and his sexual abilities. Some women are not as easily pleased or satisfied as others. This guy will not be deterred because he loves a challenge and his competitive nature will drive him to do everything in his power to make sure you never forget the things that he does to you.

CAUTION: Do not fall in love with this guy! Whilst he is certainly capable of a long term relationship, this is not his purpose when it comes to your sexual enlightenment. Women might be more likely to involve emotions in sexual encounters, but I reject it as a foregone conclusion. Keep your head on straight and appreciate and accept this guy for what he is; a sexy learning tool.

And of course, as with any casual arrangements, practise safe sex! Your goal is sexual fulfilment not infection or impregnation. Make sure he wraps it up!!

Happy Hunting Ladies! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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