25 Tips From A College Freshman


1. Move in day is stressful — from trying to move in copious amounts of furniture and clothing, to the looming goodbye.

2. Things will get easier as the semester goes on.

3. Your friends from first semester may very well not be your friends after that.

4. You will drunk eat way more than you ever thought was possible.

5. Your classes will seem easy and manageable at first.

6. Until they’re not- watch out for midterms.

7. Use your professors and TAs they will help you with your grade if you need.

8. Don’t sit in your room, go to the library, there is a greater chance you’ll be productive- trust me you cannot fully stalk Facebook in the library without feeling paranoid.

9. You will meet many different people, be open and accepting.

10. Don’t compare your college experience to your friends, because I promise everyone says they’re having the best time ever, even if they’re not.

11. You will gain weight- but that’s okay- just take in the experiences as they come.

12. That being said, try and make it to the gym, it really will make you feel better.

13. Try Greek life because it has been the best thing to happen to me.

14. You will fall for an older boy at some point.

15. Hopefully he doesn’t hurt you, but if he does, there’s always friends, alcohol, and pizza to console you.

16. Don’t feel the need to go out every night, trust me, a party is a party.

17. Try and become friends with people in your classes, I promise you will be thankful when you need notes or a study buddy.

18. Don’t waste your time on assholes, there are plenty, but there are also plenty of nice guys, find them.

19. You will realize that skipping classes becomes second nature (but try not to do it too often or you really will be lost)

20. Keep up with the reading, that way you don’t have to read full textbooks right before the exam.

21. Pre-enroll is the most stressful morning of the semester, good luck.

22. There are so many different types of people, if you don’t like your friends, find new ones because I promise there are cool people you will like at every school.

23. College is a new experience and the opportunity to reinvent yourself if you want to.

24. Freshmen year is a learning experience, don’t be too down on yourself for grades, partying, boys, or friends- that’s what sophomore year is for.

25. Enjoy every experience because it goes by faster that you could imagine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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